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Unlocking the power of big data

Making full use of your data is a shortcut to a better business. From marketing to manufacturing, you can utilise quality data to work more efficiently, adapt to trends more quickly, and fulfil customer needs more completely.

But many businesses struggle with turning siloed datasets into success. That’s where we come in. Using top tech to open the door to big data. So you can apply automation at scale with Machine Learning, make more informed decisions with predictive analytics, and ultimately shape a more intelligent and efficient future.

Deep insight with data lakes

A data lake brings all your information together in one central, boundless infrastructure - allowing you to integrate data warehouse solutions and both external and internal data so you can more quickly turn mounds of info into meaningful, real-time insights.

Turn volume into value

From support desk recordings to website traffic and video footage, most businesses have more data than they know what to do with - unaware of the possibilities they have at their fingertips. With improved infrastructure, visualisation, and data science, you can take the smart approach and turn volume into value.

Maximise potential with Machine Learning

Machines can see, they can hear and, what’s best - they can act. Need to analyse and categorise product images at lightning speed or precisely predict how stock will change over peak retail times? That’s a job for Machine Learning: turning your data into truly transformational solutions for your business.

Delivering data innovation

We work with you to define a data and Machine Learning strategy. We can pursue a specific business goal, look to overcome an operational challenge, or conduct several experiments to uncover where value can be unlocked the fastest.

Our 25 day sprint approach is designed to quickly show you the specific possibilities and advantages of data innovation for your business, acting as a proof of value for how Big Data and Machine Learning can help you outsmart your future.

You're in good company

We’ve helped millions outsmart their future by taking them to the cloud.

LUMC reduces administrative load with speech recognition

“We want to provide our patients with the best possible care, as well as playing a leadership role in the Netherlands and beyond. Together with Cloud Technology Solutions and Google Cloud, we can work on developing digital tools to keep innovating healthcare.”

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Marjolein ElderhorstManager of the Digital Innovation team

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