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The backbone of your business

Businesses of the future must have the ability to be super agile. Having the right IT infrastructure with plenty of compute power is vital to growth - scalable enough to support not just today’s grand plans, but tomorrow’s too.

Scaling for the future

Whether you’re struggling to deliver at peak usage times, or want room to grow, you need infrastructure that can keep up with your business. With cloud, you won’t need to worry about expensive on-premise maintenance and you’ll never pay for capacity you don’t need.

Compute power: unleashed

More compute power means quicker data analysis, faster visual rendering and ultimately, accelerated growth. Create and configure high-performance virtual machines that will quickly and easily scale to any workload size, delivering power where you need it.

Robust and secure

Business growth shouldn’t come at the expense of security. That’s why all the technologies we work with offer multi-layered protection. Any infrastructure solution we build goes through rigorous testing before being handed over. Peace of mind for businesses set up for success.

Modernisation - and then some

From proof of concept to meticulous deployment, project handover and beyond, you’re guaranteed a bespoke, end-to-end experience when you work with us.

We fully immerse ourselves in your business to understand your unique challenges and ambitions. Only then can we deliver a fully future-proof infrastructure solution that’s tailored to you.

Discovery and strategy

From deploying a new website to increasing app speed, all technology solutions start with a problem, not an answer. So that’s the first thing we look at: understanding the challenges you’re facing, and developing a forward-looking strategy from there.

Technology recommendation

Our team don’t just live technology, they love it. So you can always rely on us to recommend the tech that’s best suited to your long-term growth. Whether that’s optimising for specific apps as part of a wider multicloud strategy, or migrating your entire infrastructure quickly and securely.

Deployment and implementation

Maintaining the pace within your business is vital, and deploying new infrastructure should never interrupt the day to day. That’s why our highly certified team of engineers, project managers and change specialists are dedicated to taking care of the entire journey – leaving your team to focus on doing what they do best.

Judopay outsmarts competitors by enabling faster innovation

"GCP’s security and scalability, coupled with CTS’ expertise made it a winning combination. Judopay is delighted with the results so far, and excited to use this change to continue innovating ahead of the market in the future."

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Robert HowesCTO

University of York advance environmental research using Google Cloud

"The team at CTS were amazing, you become a partnership and everyone is really helpful. They understood what we were trying to achieve straight away, and helped us get there. It was the people that made the decision for us."

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Professor James ChongRoyal Society Industry Fellow

Visma embarks on a digital transformation journey to boost efficiency

"When support or anything is needed, they are here for us, and we can rely on them to help us reach our goals, especially when it comes to G Suite and GCP. They are true cloud specialists."

Mihai ComsaService Owner

Leakbot takes their technology to the next level by migrating to GCP

“I’m really happy I am working with CTS. They’re a great team and we managed a first great milestone in our partnership. Now we can focus on scaling, growing and building new functionality in our project to serve our customers as best as possible.”

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Krystian PasichSenior Backend Developer

Bruntwood increases efficiency and overcomes business challenges with Google

“When it comes to choosing partners, a strong point of consideration for Bruntwood has always been around customer service and the knowledge that a company can bring. CTS excels in both of those areas.”

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Kirk ShawHead of IT

Ready to outsmart your future? Let’s talk tech.